Experienced Family Lawyers –
We offer a modern, innovative and bespoke approach to Family Law

Our story started in 2000, when founding partners, Iain Patience and Lorna Buchan, created Patience and Buchan, Family Lawyers – the first Family Law focussed practice in the North East.

Our modern, innovative and bespoke approach to all aspects of Family Law and our commitment to help our clients move on to their next chapter as positively as possible, has continued.

Patience and Buchan are dedicated to assisting clients with Family Law matters and we have lawyers accredited by the Law Society of Scotland. Lorna Buchan is accredited as a specialist in Family Law and Family Mediation. Ashley Simpson is accredited as a specialist in Family Law, Child Law and Family Mediation. Gillian Mitchell is accredited as a specialist in Family Law.

We have been at the forefront in developing Collaborative Family Law in Scotland. Lorna, Ashley and Gillian are all trained in Collaborative Practice.

Lorna and Ashley are both qualified Family Law Arbitrators and members of FLAGS (Family Law Arbitration Group Scotland).

We strive to provide an excellent service to our clients. Our staff are trained in our philosophy and delivery of service. Our Lawyers are supported by specialist Registered Paralegals and each lawyer has designated support staff.

Our whole team takes pride in developing not only a professional, but supportive, relationship with our clients.

We also recognise that our clients may need additional support.  We have a substantial bank of other professionals who we are able to call upon for assistance, such as personal counsellors, children’s counsellors, family mediators, financial advisors and planners, surveyors, actuaries, accountants, Advocates and other specific experts.

At Patience and Buchan we offer clients a range of services and options. As well as using traditional negotiation or litigation, we offer mediation, collaboration and arbitration.  Wherever possible, we encourage a consensual approach.